Tuition Assistance Program


Tuition Assistance Program Policy and Benefit:

Step One:
Step Two:
  • Self-register for pre-approval via PeopleSoft ELM
    • Need help submitting for Pre-Approval or with submitting your reimbursement request?
      Contact your Training Administrator or department's Tuition Processor(s).
Step Three:
  • Submit documentation required for reimbursement
    • Claims Form - New May 2015
    • Email from ELM
    • Original Receipts (include payment method)
    • Course Description
    • Course Syllabus (books & materials)
    • Grade Report
Please note that Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 5pm is the deadline for employees to submit documentation to payroll for the 2015 tuition reimbursement benefit.
  • Note: Documentation received after December 10, 2015 will be posted to an employee's 2016 tuition reimbursement benefit. Some education institutions will not have the required grades posted until late December. This requires that the reimbursement be posted to an employee's 2016 tuition reimbursement benefit due to payroll schedules and the end of the calendar year. This is typical for many fall courses.