Traffic Counts and Maps


Traffic volumes shown on the map are the latest twenty-four hour traffic counts available. Numbers shown are raw, bi-directional volume on two-way streets and single direction counts on the Price Frontage Roads, with northbound traffic on the east side of the Loop 101 and southbound traffic on the west side.

Intersection volumes can be approximated by adding together all the segment volumes  on the east, west, south and north sides of the intersection and then dividing by two. This method assumes that directional volumes on two-way streets will be split 50/50.  An example would be the intersection of McClintock Drive and University Drive. The west side of intersection had a volume of 27,360, the east side had 30,115, the north side had 34,618 and the south side had 33,791. The approximate traffic volume entering the intersection in a twenty-four hour period would then be 62,942 vehicles ((27,360 + 30,115 + 34,618 + 33,791) / 2 = 62,942)).

City of Tempe Traffic Count Map