El Paso Gasline Multi-use Path Easement


The El Paso Gasline Multi-use Path Project is a half-mile path extension of the existing El Paso Gasline Multi-use Path that extends from Price Road to McClintock Drive. This project will extend west from Rural Road into Kiwanis Park. A bike lane along Southshore Drive between McClintock and Rural connects these two projects. It will link major residential areas with Kiwanis Park and the neighborhood parks of Optimist, Gaicki and Scudder. Additionally, the path will connect to Fuller, Fees, Rover, and Aguilar schools. The project will have two neighborhood street crossings at Forest and at College avenues. The project connects many transit routes and the six-mile Western Canal Multi-use Path.

The project will include a paved path, lighting, landscaping, public art and other amenities. The project will meet all ADA requirements and the project is funded almost entirely with $1.3 million in federal transportation grants. The project continues Tempe's commitment to multi-modal transportation and improving upon what is already the highest percentage of bicycle commuters in the state. The project is both a recreational amenity (linear park) and a transportation corridor.

Two public meetings were held in 2013 to gather feedback on the project with staff working with adjacent property owners to address specific issues. The project will include a 10’ wide concrete pathway, pedestrian level light poles, landscaping, street crossings, access into Kiwanis Park and public art. The artist, Chris Trumble, has designed an alphabet of footsteps to be permanently imprinted into the sidewalk called Pedestrian Tracings which include dress shoes, bare feet, moon boots, alien feet, sneakers, mountain lion tracks and javelina tracks.  

The project is anticipated to begin construction in March 2015 and be completed by late Fall 2015.

A grand opening celebration will occur Sept. 26 at 8 a.m. at the Fiesta Playground, 5775 S. All America Way.

View the current proposed design concept

30% Design Plans

Public art concept

PowerPoint Presentation from Nov. 20, 2013 public meeting

Public comments from Sept. 26 to Nov. 19, 2013

Public comments from Nov. 20 to Dec. 19, 2013


Map of Project Area


 El Paso gasline 1

Project area from Rural Road to College Avenue

El Paso gasline 2

Project area near Aguilar Elementary School and Kiwanis Park

For more information, contact Robert Yabes 480-350-2734, Project Manager.