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Bike Share

Bicycle sharing is a for-rent public bike program in progressive, urban environments where land use is higher density, bicycle trips are common and transit use is strong. Bike share programs are meant to support greater access to more sustainable transportation and further reduce dependency on the automobile. Typically bicycle rack locations are placed in high activity centers and streets to provide convenient customer use. Use is typically by the hour or day, but can be longer.

Capital Bike Share

Capital Bikeshare DC

Map of proposed Tempe bike kiosk locations.

GRID regional bike share web site

It’s anticipated that Tempe would launch a bike share program with 250 bikes and up to 25

Tempe staff has secured approximately $750,000 in federal funds for bike share, with an additional $100,000 allocated by the Tempe City Council. In June 2013, the Phoenix City Council approved Cycle Hop as the preferred vendor to negotiate a contract with to launch a bike share program in Phoenix. Tempe and Mesa have ensured the opportunity to utilize the Phoenix vendor, Cycle Hop, if each city elects to do so. Local City Councils will ultimately approve all contracts or inter-governmental agreements related to implementation and operations of a bike share program.

Major funding for the first phase of a regional bike share system is dependent on securing a major corporate sponsorship. Cycle Hop, working with Strategies 360, is engaged in discussions with regional companies. Successful partnership with a contributor may influence the brand of the bike share program as well as require advertising policy and practice reviews by each city.

Phoenix and Mesa are working toward a spring2014 launch while Tempe is anticipating a fall 2014 implementation. Sponsorship agreements and contract approvals may alter schedules.