Recyclable Items

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Items Not Recyclable in Tempe Recycling Bins

Please do not put the following items in City of Tempe Municipal Recycling Containers container.

  • Plastic bags - Please take your plastic bags to a Bag Central Station location.
  • Food waste - Click here to request a compost container to recycle your food waste.  
  • Household and automotive products, electronics - Please bring to the Household Products Collection Center for proper disposal
  • Styrofoam (packaging and peanuts)
  • Shrink and bubble wrap
  • Plastic utensils (forks, knives, etc.)
  • Paper towels, napkins, facial and toilet tissue
  • Waxed coated fast food beverage cups
  • Six pack plastic beverage rings
  • Self-sealing or cardboard mailing envelopes with padding or bubble wrap
  • Stained glass, light bulbs, mirrors, porcelain and ceramics
  • Cereal box inserts
  • Empty chemical containers
  • Dog or cat food bags
  • Food waste or liquids of any kind