Learn more about Tempe's Education Recycling Information Center, ERIC


Tempe's education recycling information center (ERIC) is a 38' foot trailer with a variety of hands-on interactive displays that educates the public on how to conserve natural resources through solid waste best practices.  Seventy-five percent of the interior furnishings of the ERIC trailer is made of recycled/reclaimed materials.  It features the latest in green building design principles and construction materials.  The floor surfaced is made out of recycled tennis shoes.  ERIC is powered by biodiesel a renewal resource and uses sky-lights for interior lighting. 

ERIC can be easily set-up at schools and public events, it brings the field trip experience to the doorsteps of the community.  The trailer is self-contained, ADA accessible, and can be easily set-up.  The ERIC trailer is an integrated approach to learning and goes beyond words; it demonstrates how to live sustainable lifestlyes through recycling.    

recycling trailer and eric mascot

To reserve the ERIC trailer for your school or community event in the City of Tempe click here