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New utility rates in effect on Jan. 1 

On Nov. 19, 2015, City Council approved adjustments to city utility charges, which include fees for water, sewer and solid waste services. The new rates will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2016. The fee for the median single family home in Tempe is expected to increase by about $2.50 a month. 

Click here to see the Work Study Session presentation for Council on Sept. 17, 2015. Visit for more information.  

2016 Bulk Trash and Green Organics shedule  

Tempe has enhanced its Bulk Trash and Green Organics program to provide a more environmentally-friendly service while also reducing costs. The 2016 schedule is now available. The next Green Organics collections will begin in March. Click here for more information on the program and follow the links below for your 2015 and 2016 collection schedule.  

2016 Bulk Trash and Green Organics Area Schedule

2016 Bulk Trash and Green Organics Full Schedule  

Are you a recycling expert?  

Refresh your blue bin knowledge and help us keep our recycling stream clean and free of contamination. Click here for a list of acceptable and unacceptable recycling items and read on for some leading culprits of contamination...


  • Food and liquid - Please remove all food and liquid from items before placing in the blue bin.
  • Polystyrene (StyrofoamTM) packaging – This material should not be placed in your blue bin. Please recycle at Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC (205 South Industrial Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281). Drop-off locations are accessible 24/7.**No plastic or StyrofoamTM plates or cups.
  • Plastic bags – Clean retail bags, newspaper bags, bread bags, cereal box liners, toilet paper wrap, bubble wrap and air pillows can be recycled at the following Bag Central Station recycling locations: Albertsons, Bashas', Food City, AJ's Fine Foods, Fry’s, Fry’s Marketplace, Fry's Mercado, El Rancho Market, Los Altos Ranch Market, Safeway, Sprouts, and Walmart.
  • "Wrappable" items - Garden hoses, extension chords, Christmas tree lights, strapping and any item that can wrap itself around sorting equipment and become tangled.