Tree Memorials

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Living Tree Memorial Program


Honor a loved one with the planting of a tree.

Participation in the Living Tree Memorial Program includes:

  • A memorial tree. A 24-inch box ash, oak, elm, or similar species will be selected that is most suitable for the park or golf course that you have chosen.
  • Care and maintenance for the tree.
  • An engraved brass leaf that will be permanently displayed on the bronze memorial tree located in the Parks and Recreation office or at one of the two municipal golf courses. 


parksmapChoose a Location

Choose to plant your tree at any of City of Tempe's parks or golf courses.

Maps of available locations:
Parks Map 




Complete the Living Tree Memorial Program Application

To participate:

1. Print and complete the 
    Living Tree Memorial Program Application

Or print the following information:
• Your name
• Address, City, State, Zip
• Daytime Phone 
• Brass leaf Inscription (50 letter maximum)  

     In Loving Memory
     John Smith
     Dec 1, 1930 - Apr 2, 2009
• Your choice of park or golf course for the tree to be planted in.
• Payment of $300 by check or credit card. If paying by credit, please include  your card number, expiration date, signature, and today's date.

2. Mail to: 
Living Tree Memorial Program
City of Tempe- Parks and Recreation
3500 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85282