Water Upgrades

Water Fixture Upgrades

High consumption water closets will be upgraded with 1.6 GPF flush valves, and high consumption urinals will be upgraded with 1.0 GPF flush valves. Flow moderators on lavatories and kitchen sinks will not been included due to City personnel indicating a preference to retain existing lavatory flow rates.

Facilities: Courts/Police Building, Edna Vihel Center, South Police Substation, Westside Multi-Gen Facility

Chiller Plant Optimization with New Heat Exchanger

A new plate and frame heat exchanger will be installed into the chilled water loop which will offset 300-tons of mechanical cooling. The new system will be capable of handling lower cooling loads during off-season, and displace the cooling loads of one chiller which must operate year-round to cool the server room. Condenser water pumps and primary chilled water pumps will be upgraded with Variable Speed Drives, and employ a Chilled Water Optimization routine. Variable speed control allows the controller to match equipment operation with the real-time cooling load to optimize operation of all components as a system, not just at the individual component level, thus minimizing the kW per ton energy consumption of the system as a whole.

Facilities: Courts/Police Building, affecting Courts/PD, City Hall, 525 Office Building, and the Tempe Performing Arts Center (TPAC)