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Aircraft Noise Information

The City of Tempe has an agreement with the City of Phoenix on flight procedures to mitigate noise over Tempe from jet and large turboprop aircraft departing the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Information about airline compliance with agreed procedures can be found on the Tempe Aviation Commission web page. Click here for more information. To file an aircraft noise complaint with the City of Tempe, visit or fill out a form. Click here to access the Tempe 311 complaint form.  

Important note: The City of Tempe can only respond to concerns about aircraft noise for residents that use Tempe 311 and leave contact information as an account holder. The City of Tempe strongly encourages community members to file noise complaints directly with the City of Phoenix Aviation Department   and to contact FAA’s Ombudsman at the address below. Click here to access the City of Phoenix complaint form. Click here to track and complain on specific flights by logging into Public View.

NextGen overview  

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an overhaul of the nation’s airspace system. The program, called NextGen, will replace ground based navigational aid - systems with newer, more efficient satellite based systems. NextGen is expected to shorten routes, save time, reduce emissions and minimize traffic delays. The program’s implementation will continue through 2025. Click here to read more about NextGen.

In September 2014 the FAA implemented changes in departure routes for Sky Harbor that were a result of the NextGen program. The City of Tempe has been contacted by a number of residents who feel they have been negatively affected by changes which affected Tempe flight paths and occurred with very little public input.

Phoenix Metroplex Environmental Assessment  

In April 2015, the FAA informed the City of Tempe of its intent to conduct an Environmental Assessment (EA) for its Phoenix Metroplex project. According to the FAA, the Phoenix Metroplex project will include arrival and departure procedures at several airports including Phoenix Sky Harbor International, Scottsdale, Phoenix Deer Valley, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway, and Tucson International airports. The project could lead to more flight path changes that impact Tempe residents. Click here to access the Phoenix Metroplex web site.

The public comment period on the FAA's intent to conduct and EA expired on May 15, 2015. Currently the FAA is not planning public meetings until a draft EA for the Phoenix Metroplex is published. This timeline restricts the amount of public feedback and the community’s ability to provide input during the period leading up to the draft EA, which is expected to be released in mid-2016.

Community members who are concerned about the noise impacts after the NextGen changes that occurred in 2014 can submit comments to the FAA Aviation Noise Ombudsman via mail  and email.

Federal Aviation Administration,
Aviation Noise Ombudsman, AEE-2
800 Independence Ave. S.W.
Washington, DC 20591

Click here to access information about aircraft noise and ongoing research.