Organizational Services Division


Welcome to the Tempe Police Department's Organizational Services Division

The Organizational Services Division contains the Personnel Services Bureau and a variety of other specialized units described below.  Each unit serves specific functions and has unique responsibilities within the Tempe Police Department.  The Personnel Services Bureau provides initial, ongoing, and advanced training, while recruiting and hiring the finest citizens in our community to serve as Tempe police officers.  Other units within the Organizational Services Division are charged with ensuring quality and standards, while maintaining communication with our community.


Audit & Compliance Unit

  • Conducts professional reviews of a bureau, operation, function or process within the Department.
  • Reports compliance with policy and makes observations of performance.

Professional Standards Unit

  • Conducts investigations of alleged serious employee misconduct and/or complex investigations. 
  • Conducts administrative reviews, such as officer involved shootings.
  • The Professional Standards Unit can be contacted at 480-350-8047 or

Media Relations & Community Affairs Unit

  • Liaison with news media organizations, community organizations and groups
  • Assists in the development of community relations policies. 
  • Click here for more information about the Media Relations & Community Affairs Unit.

Training Unit

  • Advanced and continuing employee training
  • Field Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Driver Training 

Recruiting and Hiring Unit

  • Click here for further information about the Recruiting and Hiring Unit.

Detention Unit

  • Responsible for the daily operations and security of the Tempe City Detention Facility.
  • Detention Unit can be contacted at 480-350-8569

Volunteers In Policing

  • Volunteers In Policing, also known as VIP's, are volunteers dedicated to assisting the Tempe Police Department and its community.
  • Click here for further information about VIP's.