Police Officer Recruit & Lateral Testing

Tempe PD is not accepting applications for the position of police officer recruit or lateral at this time. The next test will occur after the New Year and a test calendar will be posted in the coming weeks.

The first two phases of the testing process are the physical agility test and written examination.  Upon successful completion of these phases, applicants move to an eligibility list for further consideration.  Click here to view all phases of the testing process.

Physical Agility Test Preparation

The physical agility test has three components: a 1½ mile run, pushups and sit-ups. An applicant must successfully pass all three components to move forward in the process. Applicants should bring water and wear athletic clothing and shoes during the test.

1½ Mile Run: Applicants must run 1½ miles in 14 minutes or less. Walking is not permitted and those who walk fail this portion of the test. 

Pushups: Applicants must complete 21 or more pushups; there is no time limit. An applicant may rest in the up position. Those who stop with any part of their torso touching the measuring block or ground or are unable to complete 21 pushups fail this portion of the test.

Sit-ups: Applicants must complete 29 or more sit-ups in one minute. An applicant may rest in the up position. Those who stop with any part of their back touching the ground or are unable to complete 29 sit-ups fail this portion of the test. 

Click here to view a video demonstration of appropriate pushups and sit-ups.

Written Examination Preparation

The written exam evaluates problem solving, memory, analytical thinking and other tasks. The exam will take approximately two hours to complete. Exams are scored upon completion and applicants notified if they passed. Only applicants who pass will move on in the process.

A candidate orientation guide and online practice test for the written examination is available for purchase. These items are available only from the test company. All questions related to purchasing these items should be referred to the test company.  Click here for more information.

Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA)

Tempe police officer recruits fulfill several rigorous training requirements before working on their own in the community. One of several steps is the successful completion of ALEA or similar academy training. Click here to watch some of the training completed at ALEA.