Every August multiple agencies join to form a "Safe and Sober" campaign task force. The Campaign normally begins at the start of the ASU fall semester, and lasts about eight weeks.

The Law Enforcement Agencies that teamed with Tempe in the past have included the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Scottsdale Police Departments. The campaign included enforcement of liquor laws as well as educating the community about traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety, the dangers of youth alcohol consumption, and enforcing nuisance/party ordinances.

Arizona DUI Laws and Penalties - First Offenses

All impaired driving arrests in Arizona are serious. The average Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for those charged with DUI during previous campaigns exceeded 0.15 percent, which makes it even more serious. Extreme DUI charges in violation of Arizona A.R.S. 28-1382 (.15 percent or greater) carries harsher penalties. Generally DUI charges that involve higher BAC levels call for longer incarceration terms. First Misdemeanor DUI penalties call for 10 consecutive days in jail and first Extreme DUI sentences call for 30 consecutive days in jail. Other penalties for first time DUI convictions include fines, and fees; suspension of driver's license for a minimum of 90 days; use of Ignition Interlock Device on the Defendant's Vehicle up to 18 months once driving privileges are reinstated; participation in mandatory alcohol/substance abuse screening, counseling, probation, or community services.

Arizona is a "Zero Tolerance" state, meaning it is illegal for a person under the age of 21 to be found with any spirituous liquor in their system. Convictions for people under 21 consuming alcohol usually results in a misdemeanor punishment with a criminal record, a $500 fine and court costs, community service, plus 2 years suspension of your driver's license. Possession of alcohol by a minor is another charge with similar penalties. It permits a minor to be charged for being close to alcohol and having it accessible. If the underage is arrested for a DUI, the results is a misdemeanor criminal record, with $1500 in fines and costs, up to 10 days in jail, loss of driver's license for up to 2 years, and community service.

2013 Safe and Sober Arrests (first 9 days of campaign)

Of the 1,367 arrests made, 125 of them were for minors in possession of alcohol and 381 were for minors consuming alcohol.

There were 287 misdemeanor arrests for driving under the influence and 22 aggravated DUI arrests.

Of these arrests, 66 were extreme DUIs with a 0.15 blood alcohol concentration, and seven were super extreme DUIs, with a 0.20 BAC. Additionally, 67 of the DUIs were drug-related.

The Police responded to 129 loud party calls during the 9 day period.

TCC 5-32 Nuisance Party - Nuisance Party means an assembly of persons (there is no specific number) for a social activity or special occasion which constitutes a substantial disturbance (noise) of the quiet enjoyment of private or public property.  This includes, but is not limited to: Excessive noise or traffic, obstruction of public streets by crowds or vehicles, public drunkenness, the service of alcohol to minors, fights, disturbances of the peace and litter.

1st Offense —$250
2nd Offense —$1000
3rd Offense —$1500

If there are issues such as underage drinking, weapons, drugs and other felonies the fees can be higher in the initial contact.

TCC 5-33 Unlawful Gathering - Unlawful gathering means a party, gathering, or event where spirituous liquor is served to, or is in the possession of, or consumed by, any minor, or where illegal drugs are in the possession of, or consumed by, any person, regardless of whether it would otherwise qualify as a nuisance party.

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