Tempe PRE (Preschool Resource Expansion)

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Tempe PRE, Tempe preschool

Apply Now! 

Tempe PRE Fall Extended Learn Camp - registration begins September 25.

Tempe PRE has available seats at certain schools and will be holding a 3rd random selection; deadline for application is Wednesday, September 20 by 12 a.m. midnight

  • Click here for an application form.
  • Seats are LIMITED and are at these schools only. Click here for a map of locations:
    • Arredondo
    • Getz
    • Holdeman
    • Scales
    • Thew
    • Ninos
    • Mariposa
  • The random selection will be held on Thursday, Sept. 21.  Families of children who are selected will begin to receive phone calls or emails after the drawing.          
  • From the time the family of a selected child is contacted by Tempe PRE staff, that family will have 24 hours to respond to our office to affirm their child’s placement. If you don't speak directly to a staff member,
    • Please respond immediately to the email message to pre-k@tempe.gov OR
    • Please leave a voice message for Ann Lynn at 480.350.5551 or Melissa at 480.350.5414.
    • Please make sure to leave your name and contact information within 24 hours of when message was sent to you.
    • Do not call the school to confirm; only contact Tempe PRE staff at the email or phone number listed.
  • If Tempe PRE is not contacted by the family within 24 hours, the child's name will be placed on a wait list.

High-quality, citywide, free preschools for qualifying children ages 3 and 4 

Tempe PRE is a two-year pilot program launched by the Tempe City Council to increase access to high-quality preschool at no cost for qualifying families. Families that are eligible for the program must live in Tempe and be living at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

The school year has already begun; schedule depends on local school districts.

Tempe PRE is open to

  • Children who live in Tempe
  • Children who are age 3 or 4 by July 31, 2017
  • Children who are potty-trained. Review our checklist.
  • Families that meet income guidelines - living at or below 200 percent of Federal Poverty Level, click here.

Tempe PRE classrooms have

  • Certified teachers hired and supervised by local school districts
  • Well-trained instructional assistants
  • HighScope curriculum which is child-centered and play-based

Tempe PRE programs offers

  • Convenient locations at local elementary schools
  • Full day, approximately 6 hours, Monday - Friday
  • Optional before- and after-school extended learning at most sites
  • Optional full-day summer program 2018
  • Healthy meals and snacks
  • Parenting support classes
  • Evaluation of your child’s progress

Tempe PRE selection process

  • Space is limited, selections will be made by random drawings
  • Applications will be accepted online until all seats are filled

City of Tempe / Human Services Department / Education, Families and Youth Development

Tempe PRE phone:  480-858-PreK (7735)

Email:  pre-k@tempe.gov

To sign up for e-mail updates,please go to www.tempe.gov/TempePRENews.

March 20, 2017 Press Release: Tempe to launch free preschool for income-eligible children