Job Descriptions


This page contains an alphabetical listing of job descriptions for all regular positions with the City of Tempe; click on the title of the position that you wish to learn more about in order to pull up the job description.   You can also click on the letter of the alphabet that starts the first word of the job title you are searching for in order to jump to that place in the list:


**PLEASE NOTE: This is not a list of jobs that the City of Tempe is currently recruiting for. If you are interested in seeing a list of current job opportunities with the City of Tempe or want to learn more about the application process, please visit our Job Opportunities page.




Accounting Specialist

ADA Compliance Specialist

Administrative Assistant I-II

Administrative Support Supervisor

Affordable Housing Specialist

Alarm Coordinator

Aquatics Maintenance Coordinator

Aquatics Maintenance Mechanic

Architectural Designer / Sr Architect

Arts Coordinator

Arts Specialist

Assistant City Attorney

Assistant City Clerk

Assistant Fire Chief

Assistant Police Chief

Assistant Recreation Coordinator

Audit Associate

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Box Office Assistant

Budget & Finance Analyst / Sr Budget & Finance Analyst

Building Equipment Technician I-II

Building Inspection Manager

Building Inspector I-II

Building Technician Specialist

Business Development Officer

Business Systems Analyst

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Cash Management Supervisor

Central Services Manager

Chemist I

Chemist II

CIP Design & Construction Manager

Circulation Services Coordinator

City Attorney

City Auditor

City Clerk

City Council Aide I-II

City Judge

City Manager 

Civil Engineer / Sr Civil Engineer

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Technician I-II

Code Enforcement Manager

Code Inspector I-II

Communication & Media Relations Manager


Communications Dispatcher I-II

Communications Manager

Communications Supervisor

Community Affairs Specialist

Community Development Director

Community Relations Director

Community Services Director

Community Services Supervisor

Contract Compliance Analyst

Control Center Operator

Control Center Supervisor


Court Administrator

Court Commissioner

Court Interpreter

Court Services Specialist I-II

Court Services Supervisor

Crime & Intelligence Center Supervisor

Crisis Intervention Specialist

Cultural Facilities Manager

Custodial Services Superintendent

Custodial Supervisor


Custodian Team Leader

Customer Relations Specialist

Customer Relations Supervisor

Customer Services Field Supervisor

Customer Services Manager

Customer Services Office Supervisor

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Data Center Support Specialist

Database Administrator

Deputy City Attorney

Deputy City Clerk

Deputy City Manager - Chief Financial Officer

Deputy City Manager - Chief Operating Officer

Deputy Community Development Director - Building Safety & Permits

Deputy Community Development Director - Planning

Deputy Community Services Director - Library & Cultural Services

Deputy Community Services Director - Recreation

Deputy Court Administrator

Deputy Human Services Director - Social Services

Deputy Internal Services Director - Finance

Deputy Internal Services Director - Human Resources

Deputy Internal Services Director - Information Technology

Deputy Public Works Director - Engineering

Deputy Public Works Director - Field Operations

Deputy Public Works Director - Transportation/Traffic Engineering

Deputy Public Works Director - Water Utilities

Detention Administrator

Detention Officer Trainee / Detention Officer

Detention Section Manager

Detention Sergeant

Development Project Coordinator

Development Project Officer

Development Services Specialist I-II

Diversity Director

Diversity Specialist

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Economic Development Director

Education Coordinator

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Coordinator

Emergency Paramedic

Engineering Associate / Sr Engineering Associate

Engineering Contract Supervisor

Engineering Contract Services Specialist I-II

Engineering Services Manager

Engineering Technician I-II

Enterprise GIS Administrator

Enterprise GIS Manager

Enterprise Network Engineer I-II

Enterprise Network Technician I-II

Environmental Compliance Inspector I-II 

Environmental Compliance Supervisor

Environmental Program Supervisor

Environmental Quality Specialist

Environmental Services Manager

Equipment Operator I

Equipment Operator II

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant to the City Manager

Executive Assistant to HR

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Facilities Automation Technician

Facility Electrician

Facility Maintenance Manager

Facility Maintenance Supervisor

Family Self Sufficiency Specialist

Financial Reporting and Analysis Supervisor

Financial Services Manager - Budget

Financial Services Technician I-II

Fingerprint Technician

Fire Budget/Finance Supervisor

Fire Captain

Fire Chief

Fire Deputy Chief

Fire Education Specialist

Fire Engineer

Fire Inspector I-II

Fire Mechanic

Fire Service Aide

Fire Services Inventory Technician

Firefighter Recruit / Firefighter

Fiscal Research Manager

Fleet Analyst

Fleet Equipment Coordinator

Fleet Equipment Mechanic

Fleet Manager

Fleet Parts Specialist

Fleet Parts Supervisor

Fleet Service Worker I

Fleet Service Worker II

Forensic Services Supervisor

Forensic Services Technician

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GIS Coordinator

GIS Technician+ / GIS Analyst+

Government Relations Officer

Groundskeeper I-II

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Hazardous Materials & Safety Specialist

Hazardous Materials Program Specialist

Hazardous Waste & Compliance Supervisor

Homeless Coordinator

Housing Services Management Accountant

Housing & Revitalization Manager

Housing Services Specialist I-II

Housing Services Supervisor

Human Resources Analyst / Sr Human Resources Analyst

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Program Coordinator

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Technician I-II 

Human Services Director

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Industrial Hygienist

Instrument & Control Technician SBP

Internal Auditor

Internal Services Director

Investigative Assistant

Irrigation Supervisor


IT Manager

IT Project Manager

IT Security Administrator

IT Services Consultant I/II

IT Supervisor

IT Training & Print Shop Services Supervisor

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Kid Zone Program Manager

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Laboratory Supervisor

Landscape Coordinator

Lead Budget & Finance Analyst

Lead Court Services Specialist

Lead Customer Relations Specialist

Lead Enterprise Network Technician

Lead Transit Store Technician

Learning & Organizational Development Associate / Sr Learning & Organizational Development Associate

Legal Assistant

Legal Specialist I-II

Librarian I-II

Library Assistant

Library Manager

Library Materials Supervisor

Library Specialist I-II

Library Supervisor

Library Supervisor - Operations

Library Systems Specialist

License & Collection Supervisor

Licensing Specialist


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Mail Operations Clerk

Management Assistant I-II

Mayor & City Council - Chief of Staff

Mayoral Aide

Medical Transportation Contract Coordinator

Museum Curator / Sr Museum Curator

Museum Manager

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Neighborhood Grants Analyst

Neighborhood Program Manager

Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator 

Neighborhood Services Specialist

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Paralegal I-II

Parks & Golf Mechanic

Parks Facility Maintenance Worker I-II

Parks Manager

Parks Project Coordinator

Payroll Specialist

Payroll Supervisor 

Permit Center Supervisor

Plan Check Engineer / Sr Plan Check Engineer

Plan Review Manager

Planner I/II

Planning & Research Analyst

Plans Examiner

Plant Electrician SBP

Plant Mechanic SBP

Plant Operator SBP

Plant Operations Maintenance Trainee SBP

Plant Operations Manager

Plant Supervisor SBP

Police Chief

Police Legal Advisor

Police Officer

Police Plan & Research Supervisor

Police Records Supervisor

Police Research & Data Analyst I/II

Police Support Services Specialist

Polygraph Examiner I-II

Presiding City Judge

Principal Architect

Principal Civil Engineer

Principal Planner

Print Production Lead

Print Production Specialist

Procurement Officer

Programmer Analyst Trainee / Programmer Analyst

Project Management Coordinator

Property Supervisor 

Property Technician

Public Information Officer

Public Works Administration Manager

Public Works Director 

Public Works Supervisor

Public Works Supervisor - Administrative

Public Works Supervisor - Heavy Equipment

Public Works Team Leader

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Real Estate Development Supervisor

Records Specialist

Recreation Coordinator / Sr Recreation Coordinator

Recreation Manager

Recycling Coordinator

Rental Property Specialist

Revenue Compliance Officer I-II 

Right of Way Management Coordinator

Rio Salado Financial Analyst

Risk Management Claims Adjuster

Risk Management Specialist

Risk Manager

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Safety & Risk Coordinator

Safety & Training Specialist I-II


Sign Technician

Social Services Coordinator / Sr Social Services Coordinator

Social Services Counselor I-II

Social Services Manager

Social Services Specialist

Social Services Supervisor

Solid Waste Equipment Operator I-II

Solid Waste Equipment Specialist

Solid Waste Inspector

Solid Waste Routing Specialist

Solid Waste Services Manager

Sprinkler System Maintenance Worker I-II

Sr Assistant City Attorney

Sr Building Inspector

Sr Code Inspector Specialist

Sr Data Center Support Specialist

Sr Diversity Specialist

Sr Enterprise Network Engineer

Sr Financial Services Technician

Sr Fire Mechanic

Sr Fleet Equipment Mechanic

Sr IT Services Consultant

Sr Management Assistant

Sr Planner

Sr Programmer Analyst

Sr Solid Waste Equipment Operator

Sr Technical Support Analyst

Street Maintenance Equipment Operator I-II

Street Maintenance Team Leader

Survey Technician I-II

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Tactical Crime & Intelligence Analyst Trainee / Tactical Crime & Intelligence Analyst

Tax Analyst

Tax Audit Supervisor

Tax Auditor I-II

TCA Maintenance Supervisor

TCA Maintenance Worker 

TCA Marketing Coordinator

Technology Planner

Technical Support Analyst I-II 

Technical Services Bureau Manager

Traffic Enforcement Aide

Traffic Engineer

Traffic Engineering Analyst

Traffic Engineering Technician / Sr Traffic Engineering Technician

Traffic Operations Support Specialist

Traffic Signal Services Worker I-II

Traffic Signal Technician Crew Leader

Traffic Signal Technician I-II

Transit Manager

Transit Operations Coordinator I-II

Transportation & Sr Transportation Planner

Transportation Facilities Supervisor

Transportation Financial Analyst

Transportation Maintenance Manager

Transportation Support Specialist

Transportation Worker I-II

TV Truck Technician

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Underground Utility Coordinator

Utility Services Technician I-II SBP

Utility Services Technician Supervisor SBP

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Vehicle Impound Specialist

Video Production Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator 

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Warehouse Supervisor

Wash Bay Attendant

Water Conservation Coordinator

Water Conservation Specialist

Water Distribution & Collection Manager

Water Inventory Services Specialist

Water Meter Reader I-II

Water Quality Process & Plan Coordinator

Water Quality Specialist

Water Resources Hydrologist

Water Resources Manager

Water Utility Division Security Officer

Water Utility Division Security Supervisor

Web & Design Coordinator

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