Reporting An Emergency


9-1-1 is the phone number to call to report a fire, police or medical emergency. 9-1-1 is initially answered by the Tempe Police Department, regardless of the emergency you are reporting. However, if you are reporting a fire or medical emergency, you will immediately be connected to a Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department operator.

When reporting an emergency, remain calm and remain on the line until the operator tells you it's ok to hang up.

The operator will ask you the following series of questions:

  1. What is the address of the emergency or incident?
  2. Is this a house or an apartment?
  3. What is your telephone number?
  4. What is your emergency?
  5. For a medical emergency: Is the person awake? Is the person breathing? What are the symptoms? (vomiting, bleeding, convulsions)
  6. For an auto accident: Is it a two car, pedestrian-car, or a rollover accident? Be specific.
  7. For a fire emergency: What is burning? (structure, brush, trash, car, etc.) What do you see? (smoke, flames) What color is the smoke?

If you have an emergency call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies, call the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department at 480-858-7200.