Description Sidewalk vending from a kiosk or self-contained structure of permanent or semi-permanent nature. 
Fees Application fee $100
Annual permit fee $500
Code Tempe City Code §24-16 to §24-55 
Application Kiosk Business License Application
Kiosk Individual License Application
Sales Tax License Application
Application packet must contain the following: business application
individual applications for all owners
certificate of insurance
All owners must submit fingerprints
    $22 fingerprint fee per person
    fingerprint cards created by licensing staff
Application packet is processed by: 1. Building Safety
2. Development Services
3. Engineering
4. Fire Prevention
5. Police Department
Applicant is responsible for the following: Obtain site plan review approval from Design Review (480-350-8331) on site layout and equipment.

Provide Engineering (480-350-8417) with legal description, which must be obtained from an engineer or surveyor. Engineering will then prepare an encroachment permit for use of City right-of-way after site plan approval of the application. Encroachment permits will be issued to parties according to Tempe City Code.

Provide Tax and License staff with a certificate of insurance per Tempe City Code.

The application process may take up to four weeks.

If the proposed lease area is within ten feet of an existing property on Mill Avenue or University Drive, or within eight feet in all other areas, the applicant for a kiosk vending permit must be the adjacent property owner.