Find Library Services at Tempe Community Centers

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Books, relevant classes and other free activities await you

A shift in the way libraries connect with people is happening in Tempe. Rather than people going to the library, the library is going to the people.

The Tempe Public Library is located at 3500 S. Rural Rd., on the corner of Rural Rd. and Southern Ave. It offers one of the best children's collections in the country, many programs for all ages, downloadable books, CDs, movies and more. But Tempe is a 40-square-mile city and it is not always possible for people to make frequent trips to this location.  

To make it more convenient for everyone to take advantage of the many enriching library programs and services, library staff has created small outpost libraries at EscalanteWestside and North Tempe multigenerational centers. All programs at the Tempe Public Library and the outpost locations are free. 

Outreach Center Offerings:  
iPads, computer center, book collections, scheduled programs

North Tempe:
Computer center, book collection, scheduled programs

Westside/Cahill Senior Center:
Computer center, book collection, comfortable reading area, scheduled programs

People already enjoying Tempe's community centers can conveniently take advantage of not only the rotating book collections and library programs, but also their other features, such as fitness centers, recreation classes and job search centers. Beyond time savings for residents, the cost savings to taxpayers is enormous, as separate branch locations did not need to be built nor maintained.

The City of Tempe calendar of events will show many of the programs offered at these centers. Signs at the centers also provide information. 

Discover more about these programs by visiting the community center closest to you.