Morrow/Hudson House

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 Morrow/Hudson House  

Survey Number: HPS-102

Name: Morrow/Hudson House

Location: 1203 E. Alameda

Year Built: 1904

Architectural Style: Queen Anne Victorian

As one of the first homesteaders south of the Salt River near Tempe, Thomas Morrow became instrumental in development and expansion of the local canal system and the opening up of large amounts of desert acreage to agricultural use. During his 35 years as a farmer and cattle rancher he had served as a director of the Tempe Irrigating Canal Co., was zanjero of the Tempe Canal, supervised its widening as well as construction of many of he laterals which extended water to the lands served by the Canal system. He also donated land for the Rural School.

This large brick house and little over an acre of land are all that remain as evidence of the original 160-acre homestead. Although this building has gone through some alterations it still retains its overall character.