Turning Point 
Image: Turning Point: Landscape with Utility Pole, by Candice Eisenfeld 

Green and Gray

Oct 2, 2015 - Jan 2, 2016

This exhibition is about the world between the natural landscape and the built environment. People often associate the color green with life and the color gray with coldness. But that isn’t always the case, not all that is green is natural and not all that is gray is man-made. Each artist in this exhibition explores subjects and imagery that show where these elements of the natural and built environment merge, converge and/or conflict. Artists include: Carol Alleman, Susan Beiner, Peter Bugg, Christine Cassano, Angela Cazel-Jahn, Candace Eisenfeld, Steve Gompf, Preston Graves, Jonathan Howard, Mohammed Reza Javaheri, Karen Jilly, Catherine Nash and Ellen Wagener.


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Tempe Arts and Sciences Salon

Free lifelong learning series collaboration with Tempe Center for the Arts, Arizona State University and the University of Advancing Technology.

6-7 pm | Gallery

DanoFaceShot#1Nov. 13, 6-7pm
Presenter: Daniel L. Childers, Professor at the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University
“Tomorrow’s cities:  Infrastructure to enhance urban sustainability”

Infrastructure is typically defined as the physical pieces of urban systems that provide the services that enable, sustain, or enhance living conditions. Most people think of “hard” infrastructure when they think of these parts of our cities: roads, bridges, buildings, power and telephone lines, and so on. But many forms of urban infrastructure are “softer”; we refer to them this way because they take advantage of natural processes to enable, sustain, or enhance urban living. I will distinguish between “hard” and “soft” urban infrastructure and demonstrate examples of how we can design cities to use nature in “safe to fail” ways in place of more traditional, engineered “fail-safe” types of infrastructure.

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Brown Line

The Gallery at TCA offers visitors a warm and friendly environment for thoughtful and engaging experiences and features a variety of curated, traveling and juried exhibitions. 

The Gallery at TCA is a 3,500 square-foot visual arts space that engages visitors with both two- and three-dimensional artwork by local and internationally-recognized artists. Themes span the gamut of popular and cultural interest. 

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Tempe utilizes several unique public spaces to showcase numerous exhibitions featuring professional and student artists. Visit the Tempe Galleries for more information on exhibitions at the Youth Library, Connections Café and the United States Post Office Windows. 

Tempe Galleries (formerly Tempe Community Galleries) is a satellite program of the Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts. This year, Tempe is seeking Arizona visual artists to participate in unique exhibitions in high traffic public spaces such as the Tempe Public Library and the Post Office on Mill Avenue.