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In the play As You Like It William Shakespeare wrote, “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” The stage, whether in a theater, an open field or a conference ballroom, is a place where performers create another persona and audiences are drawn into another time and place. This exhibition explores the vision, process and culminating role that costumes play in creating altered egos on and off the stage. Displays showcase the artistic talents of local costume makers, the creative diversity of Arizona performing arts organizations and the increasing popularity of cultural events where costumes play an important role. 

Thank you: 
Arizona Opera, Ballet Arizona, Brose Brothers’ Productions, Childsplay, Phoenix Theatre, Southwest Shakespeare Company and artists Zarco Guerrero, John and Sabrina Floyd and Cynthia Randall. We also thank the TCA Foundation, Tempe History Museum, Tempe Public Library and costume consultants Rebecca Akins and Sandie Tignor.

Gallery Hours

10 am-6 pm Tuesday & Thursday
10 am-7 pm Wednesday
10 am-7:30 pm Friday
11 am-6 pm Saturday
*Open extended hours for some special events.


Merely Players Programs



Face to Face with Zarco Guerrero

Friday, February 12, 7-8 pm, Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts

Free public performance, no RSVP





Merely Players_Corset Class“Starter Corsets” with Cynthia Randall

Saturday, April 16, 1-4 pm, Carter Lounge at Tempe Center for the Arts

Tickets: $35 each

Buy tickets here

If you are a costume maker and have been previously intimidated by the thought of making a corset- then this one day class is for you! Local costume designer Cynthia Randall will guide participants in creating their own Elizabethan era corset pattern. She will also lead an in-depth hands-on demonstration in the easier-than-you-think art of making a period style or cosplay corset at home with basic materials such as recycled plastic tubing. Participants will go home with a ready-to-use pattern and great ideas for customizing their own corset. Previous sewing experience required.) Randall served as the Costume Director for the Arizona Renaissance Faire for eight seasons. (Image: “effigy corset” from England’s Queen Elizabeth I.)

Upcoming Exhibitions

 STEAM thumbnail_draft4


May 27-Sept 17

STEAM is a movement inspired by the popularity of STEM-based education. It seeks  to inspire creative thinking and collaboration between the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. This exhibition features art and interactive scientific displays which explore these connections. It also highlights the individuals who are using the various disciplines to transform and make better the lives of everyday people.


Art After Work

All events are from 6-8:30 pm in the Gallery.

Create your own Masterpiece with friends or coworkers and unwind from the workday at the beautiful Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts. For more information including prices, please visit the Art After Work page.

NOW AVAILABLE: ART AFTER WORK FLEX PACKS! Buy sets of 4 pre-paid vouchers that can be redeemed for any Art After Work class through May 2016 and receive a 10% discount! Click here to purchase. 

AAW Okeefes Calla LilliesMarch 16 | O'Keeffe's Calla Lilies
Georgia O’Keeffe is one of America’s most celebrated artists and is most famous for painting beautiful flowers. In Victorian times, the calla lily symbolized beauty, faith and purity. The soft white petals and vibrant green leaves of this botanical painting will be an elegant and soothing addition to hang on your wall at home. 



AAW Steampunk Hat

April 15 | Steampunk Hat
Inspired by the Steampunk movement, this workshop incorporates the prim and proper styles of the Victorian era with a little bit of the Industrial Revolution and a whole lot of Rock N’ Roll. Come get the creative gears a spinning with vintage style painting that will add a splash of the unique to any wall.



AAW_Saguaro Blossom

May 11 | Saguaro Summer Blooms
If you look closely at the flora and fauna of the desert, it has its own type of seasons.  Ever changing and always beautiful.  Just like the large white flowers that bloom on the arms of the Saguaro cactus. 




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The Gallery at TCA offers visitors a warm and friendly environment for thoughtful and engaging experiences and features a variety of curated, traveling and juried exhibitions. 

The Gallery at TCA is a 3,500 square-foot visual arts space that engages visitors with both two- and three-dimensional artwork by local and internationally-recognized artists. Themes span the gamut of popular and cultural interest. 

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Tempe Galleries (formerly Tempe Community Galleries) is a satellite program of the Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts. This year, Tempe is seeking Arizona visual artists to participate in unique exhibitions in high traffic public spaces such as the Tempe Public Library and the Post Office on Mill Avenue. 
*Photo credit Miachelle DePiano
*Photo credit Miachelle DePiano