George Heslop


Design a Label Workshop


I am now based in Phoenix having recently uprooted from the United Kingdom where I worked as a freelance visual artist for more than 14 years. As I am new to the United States, I am eager to examine clichés and cultural trends that relate to my transition. I have found myself particularly drawn to absurd anomalies and curious juxtapositions. Therefore my new work relates to nostalgic visions of a former homeland set against the complex world of aesthetics. The sculpture and multiples I make are now developing through an understanding of aesthetics whilst being underpinned by the new experiences that crossing borders entails. I am also in the process of reviewing and attempting to reverse my making skills in order to confront skill aesthetics within the context of functionality.

The multiples I make are based around the myths and realities of contemporary art in the broadest possible sense. Art history, consumerism and modern politics in many ways shape the context in relation to the multiples I produce. Multiples are also an element or ingredient that also sustains continuity and links between the projects I am involved with and have extended visual references which go beyond my own initial enquiry, enabling me to reach, I hope, a wider audience.

MA (Distinction) Fine Art, Newcastle University.
BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sunderland University
CNA Diploma Fine Art, Sunderland University
City and Guilds, Welding Engineering & Craft Studies, South Shields Marine and Technical College, Tyne and Wear.

2002/5     "CST North East Project," (Curator/Coordinator). 
                Artist led projects with East Street Arts, based in Leeds, and PALP; Penwith Artist Led Projects, 
                based in West Cornwall. 
                "a-mart: The Art Supermarket," Ale and Porter Arts, Bradford on Avon. 
                "THERMO 04," Multiplus installation, The Lowry Centre, Manchester. Project curator. 
                "Multiplus: First Waygood International Art Fayre," Newcastle Upon Tyne. Project Curator. 
                "The Tokyo Art Machine," Japan Vending and Multiples Exchange Project, Nadiff, Tokyo, Japan.

2003         Relocation/"Our main aim is to identify people…," Research Room Project 2 Installation.
                International Commission for Missing Persons Warehouse, Tuzla, Bosnia.
2002         "Threads," Research Room Project 1, The First Holocaust Memorial Day. Wards Building, 
                Newcastle Upon Tyne, Installation. 
                "Religion, Art and War," Salon des Art, Kensington, London.
2000         Waygood Boutique, Stockholm, Sweden; "The End Of The Line," Mail-Art, Ecole Municiple de 
                Dessin, St. Lo, France.
1999         "Crossing the Border: The Forth International Arts and Culture Festival," Dusseldorf, 


2006         Teaching artist, Tempe Elementary School District #3
2006         Artist in Residence, Ale and Porter Arts. Bradford on Avon.
2002         Artistic Director, Multiplus
2002/5      Curator/Coordinator: CST
2004         Lead Artist. Gallery TS1.Tees Valley Arts. Cleveland, Ohio.
2004         Lead Artist. Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.