Art in the Park


Art in city parks adds to Tempe's reputation as a playful city.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson
Adornment, 1998
Kiwanis Park

Colab Studio coLab Studio
(Matthew & Maria Salenger)
Extraordinary Common, 2010
Evelyn Hallman Park
2011 Valley Forward Environmental Excellence Award
Susan Gamble Susan Gamble
Greetings from Tempe, 1995
6th Street Park
Mary Lucking Mary Lucking
Peace Labyrinth, 2009
Hudson Park
Laurie Lundquist Laurie Lundquist
Hanger Park Art Project, 1987
Hanger Park
Steve Martino

Steve Martino
Plaza Reflector Lights, 1995
6th Street Park

R. Newton Nayall

R. Newton Mayall
Solar Time, 1979
6th Street Park

John Nelson John Nelson
Above the Crowd, 1998
6th Street Park
Virginia Senior Virginia Senior
Metal Gateway, 1995
Tempe Art Park
Meiny Vermaas Meiny Vermaas-van der Heide
Earth Quilt, 2002
6th Street Park