Art at Public Facilities

Public art projects in Tempe develop as the community grows and city construction is implemented. Tempe has commissioned art at fire stations, City Hall, the Tempe History Museum, the Public Library and at other public buildings. City projects are funded with capital improvement funds.

Lorna Jordan Lorna Jordan
Origami Garden, 2008
Tempe Transportation Center
Clarke Riedy Clarke Riedy
Charles Trumbull Hayden Memorial, 1995
Police/Courts Building
Laurie Nessel Laurie Nessel
Window to the Past, 1995
Tempe History Museum
Geoffrey Bruce Geoffrey Bruce
Aerial Cascade, 1998
Escalante Multi-Generational Center
Don Will Don Will
Bird Bike Box, 2012
City Hall
UrbanRock Design UrbanRock Design
Looking Through the Past, 2009
Tempe History Museum
Frank Ybarra Frank Ybarra
Bicycle Storage Locker, 2001
City Hall
Gregg LeFevre Greg LeFevre
Bronze Mural, 2003
Fire Station 6
Brimrose & Magdaleno Ron Bimrose
Bicycle Storage Locker, 2000
Tempe Library Complex
Tom Strich Tom Strich
Play Like a River, 2006
North Tempe Multi-Generational Center
Lyle London Lyle London
Organic Reunion, 1991
City Hall
Earlyn Tomassini Earlyn Tomassini
Free Parking, 1995
Pyle Adult Recreation Center
Aaron Hussey Aaron Hussey
Salt River Valley Vision, 2010
Double Butte Cemetery
Earlyn Tomassini Earlyn Tomassini
Xylophone, 1995
Escalante Multi-Generational Center
Ron Gasowski Ron Gasowski
Twelve Purple Benches, 1993
Tempe Performing Art Center
Ben Goo Ben Goo
Untitled, 1983
City Hall
Tad Savinar Tad Savinar
Voices of Tempe, 2008
Tempe Transportation Center
Carl Cheng Carl Cheng
Tilted Landscape, 1994
Tempe Public Library 
Jim Campbell Jim Campbell
Buidling Memories, 2001
Westside Multi-Generational Center
  Zarco Guerrero
Escalante Memorial, 1980
Escalante Multi-Generational Center