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It takes several departments to manage the many functions of Tempe Town Lake. From engineers who design bridges and dams to hydrologists who maintain water quality; from boating instructors to economic development specialists, it takes a team effort. Here's how to find the best contact for your needs.

Boating Permits, Boating Classes and Boat Rentals
Boat Classes
Boat Permits
Boat Rentals - Tempe Boat Rentals

Economic Development
Want to open a business on Town Lake or develop land here?
480 858-2059

Dam Replacement Information
Tempe is in the process of replacing the inflatible dams at Tempe Town Lake with steel gate dams. The new system is being engineered now and will be functioning by 2015.

Find out more by visit our Dam Replacement Project page or by calling 480 858-2059

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Water Quality
Visit the Water Quality page or call 480 350-4311.