HPC Chair's Message


Tempe Historic Preservation Commission
Chair’s Message 
March 2015

Over the past six years in my service on the Tempe Historic Preservation Commission, I have had the privilege to work with a wonderful group of professionals and citizen volunteers in the goal of identifying and preserving the City of Tempe’s cultural resources that help to define its past and inform its future. With interest in the redevelopment of significant resources in our downtown corridor, particularly the Hayden House and Hayden Flour Mill parcels, we are entering an exciting time of incorporating Tempe’s founding story into modern uses.

In addition, the formation of Character Areas provides an opportunity to identify aspects of our history that will contribute to the identity of distinct areas within Tempe. I look forward to the continued work by the Commission, Mayor and Council, Historic Preservation Office staff, Tribes, and citizen volunteers to contribute to the identification and preservation of Tempe’s heritage.

Andrea Gregory, Chair