HPC Chair's Message


Tempe Historic Preservation Commission
Chair’s Message 
April 2012


It has been my distinct pleasure to have served on the Tempe Historic Preservation Commission for almost three years and I feel a great appreciation for the work the Commission has undertaken in partnership with dedicated citizen volunteers and support from the Historic Preservation Office staff. Past Chairs, including Bob Gasser and Anne Bilsbarrow, have demonstrated the passion for historic preservation that leads to identification and protection of aspects of Tempe’s past that make our city so unique.


With my recent appointment as Chair, it is my privilege to reach out to both Commission members and active citizens engaged in the conservation of our precious historic resources. In addition, with the transition of Mayor and City Council representatives in our current election, we must endeavor to keep the subject of historic preservation at the forefront of public discourse, particularly as redevelopment and updates to Tempe’s vision for 2040 are underway. I have seen enthusiastic participation from a core segment of our community in historic preservation activities ranging from fundraising events to nominations of private properties for listing on the local and national registers. I hope that I can continue to facilitate the interest in preserving our heritage through the protection of Tempe’s historic resources.

Andrea Gregory, Chair