Annual History Events


If you love history, please consider attending these annual fundraising events to help Tempe preserve its past.

Walk Through History

One of Tempe's greatest attributes is its many authentic, historic buildings and structures. In Downtown Tempe, dozens of structures dating back as far as the 1800s are within walking distance. Enjoy tours prepared by the Tempe Historic Preservation Foundation, the Tempe Historic Preservation Office and many others and Walk Through History, with a guided tour of downtown Tempe. The next event takes place March 21 at 8 a.m. at Hackett House. Get tickets.

Tales from Double Butte
Do you know who was Tempe’s first telephone operator, who founded and served as long-time editor of the Tempe Daily News or why Tempe was originally known as Hayden’s Ferry? Attend the narrated walking tour of Tempe Double Butte Cemetery to learn these answers and hear many more interesting stories. Proceeds benefit the Tempe History Museum and Tempe Double Butte Cemetery. For more information, call 480-350-5100.