Report a Building Code Violation



The City of Tempe Building Safety Division is charged with the responsibility of investigating
building code violations (such as construction without permits and/or unsafe structures).

Building Code Violation Report Form 

Please note: For building code violations that are an immediate health, safety, or welfare issue, please contact
City of Tempe Building Safety at 480 350-8341, Option 1.


The City of Tempe Code Compliance Division is charged with the responsibility of investigating:

 Commercial Code Complaint
(business/industrial properties that have zoning ordinance violations, such as
illegal signage and dead or missing landscaping)

Rental Housing Code Complaint
(such as no heat/AC, water leaks, infestations, deteriorated landscaping, etc.). 

Residential Zoning Code Complaint
(such as littered yards, deteriorated landscaping, lawn
parking, swimming pool gates, etc.) and

Report Complaint