Over the Counter Permits


If you meet the following criteria and have a form of payment with you, you may be eligible for an Over the Counter Permit. The permit may be processed while you wait, depending on the complexity of the project. Plan check and permit fees vary depending upon the type of work being done and the valuation.

Effective on January 6, 2014, Over the Counter Permits and Plan Review will be available
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
For processing purposes, no plan reviews will be started after 4:15 p.m.

Minor residential additions not exceeding $10,000.00 valuation, patio covers, interior remodels, detached accessory structures, carport to garage conversions, covered patio to livable, and mobile home permits.

  1. Residential Standard plans on file for homes.
    *Note: There is a limit of two per applicant per day by over the counter processing.
  2. Residential Fire Damage Repairs under 50% damage if the Fire Damage Report is available.
    (Note: If roof trusses are damaged, the applicant must provide two copies of truss calcs or truss repair calcs sealed by the Arizona registrant, if other than two point bearing truss. No revision of layout or remodel).
  3. Counter plan review may be provided for Tenant Improvements (TIs) given the following situations:
    a.  Under 3,000 sq. ft. for Business Offices (no medical offices)
    b.  Under 1,500 sq. ft. for Mercantile space
    c.  Under 15,000 sq. ft. for storage of Low Hazard Storage less than 12’ in height.
    d.  Fire Damage “Restore to Original” with no structural requirements
    e.  Depending upon the complexity of the work to be constructed, Mechanical, Electrical, and 
         Plumbing (MEP) plans for any tenant space under a, b, or c above.
    f.  All other Occupancies---Multi-Family Residential, Medical Office, Assembly, Educational,
        Factory or Manufacturing, Hazardous, and Institutional Occupancies will require submittal.
        (Minor changes may be reviewed at the discretion of the Plan Reviewer)
  4. Re-instatement of expired permits if the Inspection Record Card has been reviewed by inspection, the remaining fees have been established, and both sets of original “ Approved” plans are available for re-stamping.
  5. Minor mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing work. Minor is defined by three or less circuits, service upgrades, change out of like equipment, replacing existing sewer line, gas line, or water line.
  6. Demolition permits for the complete demolition of a structure.
  7. Interior demolition of non- bearing partitions, ceilings, etc, for pending/future TIs.
  8. A counter plan review will NOT be provided when any of the following conditions exist:
    a.  A Notice to Comply has been issued for Construction Without Permits
    b.  A Change of Occupancy or revision of required exiting will occur upon completion of
    c.   A Use Permit, Parking Variance, etc. is required from Planning
    d.  Changes to the exterior of the building which will require Planning approval, including roof
         top changes that add equipment extending above the parapet, exterior lighting changes,
         window and door changes, paint scheme changes, etc.
    e.  Residential expansion larger than 25% on retention lots requiring engineering approval.
    f.   Mechanical, electrical, plumbing which is part of a pending building project or a building
         project not suitable for over the counter permits.
    g.  Projects where structural calculations are required.

Please note: At least two (2) sets of clear, legible plans drawn to scale will be required for all of the above submittals. Please contact our office at (480) 350-8341, Option 1 with any questions.