Media Contacts

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City of Tempe
Nikki Ripley
Citywide Issues, Mayor/Council/Manager, Economic Development
P: 480-350-8846
C: 480-313-8850
F: 480-350-8996

Marie Chapple Camacho
Fire Medical Rescue Dept.(non-emergency) and Dementia Friendly Tempe
C: 480-848-6899 

Kris Baxter-Ging
Economic Development, Diversity, Community Development Social Media, Technology, Historic Preservation, etc. 
P: 480-858-2059
C: 480-250-5198
F: 480-350-2951

Mackenzie Keller
C: 480-250-6662
P: 480-350-8551

Amanda Nelson
P: 480-350-2707
C: 480-250-5177

Shannon Reed

Public Works (Recycling, Solid Waste), Water, Sustainability, Golf, Neighborhoods, Tempe 311
P: 480-350-8101
C: 480-639-9045

Melissa Quillard
Community Services (Recreation, Kidzone, Library, Tempe History Museum)
P: 480-350-8805
C: 480-622-8157


Tempe Partners
Tempe Tourism Office
Toni Smith
Communications Manager
P: 480-305-1372
F: 480-968-8004

Downtown Tempe Community, Inc.
P: 480-355-6068
F: 480-968-7882

Tempe Chamber of Commerce
Ph: 480-736-4285
Fax: 480-966-4285

Tempe Community Council
Ph: 480-858-2307