State Legislative Principles

The citizens created the City of Tempe government through the adoption of the City Charter. Through this Charter, the citizens empower the City government to provide services and generate revenue to pay for those services. The Mayor and Council determine policies for the City and serve at the pleasure of the voting public. It is this system that allows for local decision-making on issues that are local in nature and directly impact local citizens and businesses.

The services provided by the City of Tempe encourage investment in the local economy, enable business development and support commerce within the community and the region. Additionally, City services help sustain safe neighborhoods and provide recreation opportunities that encourage families to live and work within the community.

State legislation can impact the City’s ability to deliver local services such as police, fire, transit, roadways, libraries, and parks among many others.

The City Council endorses the following principles when considering the City’s position on any state legislative proposal:

  • Preserve local authority – The City believes that the most effective, responsible and responsive government is the government closest to the people. The City supports legislative proposals that preserve or enhance the City’s ability to govern locally and opposes legislative proposals that reduce or restrict the City’s local authority.
  • Preserve existing revenue sources – The City supports legislative proposals that preserve or enhance existing revenue sources and opposes proposals that would reduce or restrict the use of existing revenues.
  • Maintain flexibility in service delivery – The City supports legislative proposals that enable the City to provide services desired by local residents and opposes legislative attempts to require additional services without providing revenue to fund any additional costs associated with the services.
  • Preserve local investments – The City supports proposals that protect the City’s investment in infrastructure, capital, and enterprises. 

Accepted by the City Council on 11/01/2012.