Court Forms (English and Spanish)

These forms CANNOT be submitted to the Court through e-mail. No action will be taken on any forms that are submitted by e-mail. Motions can be filed by fax, however it is your responsibility to ensure that motions have been received by the Court. You must bring Orders of Protection Petitions and Injunctions Against Harassment Petitions to the Court to be filed. If you have any questions regarding these forms please call the Court at 480-350-8271.

*NOTE: Forms contained on this web site are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader® to view. 

*AVISO: Los documentos en este sitio web están en formato PDF y necesitan Acrobat Reader® para ser leídos.  Estos documentos se proporcionan solamente para darle información. Usted debe llenar y presentar los documentos en inglés.

Application to Set Aside Judgment of Guilt - used for Criminal Cases

Application to Set Aside Judgement of Guilt - Spanish - Este impreso se utiliza para los casos penales

Blank Motion - Used for Civil or Criminal Cases

Blank Motion - Spanish - Este impreso se utiliza para los casos penales o civiles.

Bond Information Sheet - Used when posting a bond for a warrant.

Bond Information Sheet - Spanish - Se utiliza cuando se deposita una fianza para una orden de arresto.

Credit_Card_Authorization - Used to authorize payment by credit card.

Credit Card Authorization-Spanish - Se utiliza para autorizar un pago con tarjeta de crédito.

Criminal Motion to Continue - Used in criminal cases to request a change in your court date.

Criminal Motion to Continue - Spanish - Se utiliza en los casos penales para solicitar que se cambie su fecha de corte.

Defendant Guide Sheet - Used by defendant if you were served with a protective order.

Defendant Guide Sheet - Spanish - Hoja informativa del demandante para los mandamientos de protección

Financial Screening Application - Used to submit information for a payment plan. 

Financial Screening Application - Spanish - Contrato de plan de pagos, petición de rebaja de costs de encarcelamiento, o solicitud de nombramiento de abogado defensor

Protective Order Petition - Used to file a protective order against someone.

Protective Order Petition - Spanish - Se utiliza para los mandamientos de protección

Request for Court Records - Used to request court records.

Request for Court Records - Spanish - Se utiliza para solicitar registros del tribunal.

Subpoena Information Sheet - Used to subpoena witnesses/documents.

Subpoena Information Sheet - Spanish - Se utiliza para citar a los testigos u ordenar la presentación de documentos.