Merit System Board


The Merit System Board is charged with reviewing and making recommendations on proposed Personnel Rules and Regulations and/or amendments; investigating and making recommendations, upon its own motion or when requested, on any matter of personnel policy to the City Manager prior to presentation to the City Council; and hearing appeals submitted by classified employees in relation to dismissal, demotions, disciplinary pay reduction or suspension.

The Merit System Board is composed of three (3) members appointed by the City Council from the qualified electors of the City of Tempe for staggered terms of three (3) years. The Tempe City Charter does not limit the number of terms a member may serve on this board.  Members of the Merit System Board shall hold no other City office or City employment.  The Personnel Officer shall provide necessary staff assistance for the Merit System Board. Board meetings are held as needed in the Human Resources Conference Room, 20 East Sixth Street, Tempe. (City Charter, Article IV, Section 4.02)

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