Enhanced Services Commission


The Enhanced Services Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the City of Tempe and the Rio Salado Community Facilities District regarding all policy matters affecting the District specifically including, without limitation, all matters that affect the District’s Annual Operations and Maintenance Budget; the District’s Capital Budget (including but not limited to repairs, replacements, and additions); and all policy matters that affect the operations, standards, and the scheduling of activities and uses within the Enhanced Services Area.  The District comprises five districts, as set forth on the Rio Salado Overlay District map: Rio East (District 1), Hayden Ferry (District 2), Boardwalk East (District 3), Boardwalk West (District 4), and Rio Beach (District 5).

The Enhanced Services Commission is comprised of eight (8) members:  the Deputy City Manager responsible for financial affairs; Public Works Director; Economic Development Director; two (2) members representing major land owners within the District; a representative of Arizona State University, designated and replaced by the President of the University; a resident of Tempe, selected by the Mayor (Public Member); and an individual who is selected from the Board of the Downtown Tempe Community and approved by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Commission.  The number of members on the Commission may be increased to provide for representation of major land owners/holders of development rights in District 3, District 4, and District 5 respectively.  The Expansion Member from District 3 and District 4 is selected by a majority vote of the Commission.  The District 5 Expansion Member is the Community Services Director.  No such increase shall cause the total number of members on the Commission to exceed eleven (11) members.  There is no set term for the members of the Enhanced Services Commission, with the exception of the Public Member and the Downtown Tempe Community Member whose term is limited to four (4) years. 

The establishment of the Enhanced Services Commission was memorialized in an Intergovernmental Agreement (C98-121), entered on June 19, 1998 by and between the City of Tempe and the Rio Salado Community Facilities District.


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