Board and Commission Vacancies


Board or Commission Vacancies
Commission on Disability Concerns* 1

Family Justice Commission

11 total:  2 faculty members from Arizona State University; 1 member from the CARE 7 Crisis Response Team; 1 member from the Tempe Police Department; 1 health care provider; 1 member from the nonprofit sector; 1 legal services provider; 4 At-large members who reside, work, or attend school within the City of Tempe

History Museum and Library Advisory Board*


Joint Review Committee

2 total:  1 Joint Tempe/ASU Alternate Member and 1 ASU Regular Member 

Judicial Advisory Board*

2 State Bar of Arizona Members

Merit System Board*

2 Alternate Members 

Rio Salado Enhanced Services Commission*

1 At-Large Residential Property Owner

Sustainability Commission 

11 total:  1 Sustainability Scientist or staff member associated with Arizona State University’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability; 1 faculty or staff member of Arizona State University, At-large; 1 representative from a Tempe business recognized as a leader in sustainability; 1 sustainability-industry representative; 1 representative from a business advocacy group; 1 teacher, student, or staff member from a Tempe public high school; 1 representative from the faith community or nonprofit sustainability advocacy group; 1 graduate or doctoral student from Arizona State University; 1 student who lives or attends school in Tempe; 2 Tempe residents, At-large  
Technical Code Advisory Board of Appeals 2 total:  1 Plumber OR Plumbing Contractor; 1 Mechanical Contractor
*Tempe residency required