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Tempe launches first-ever survey to seek business feedback

Post Date:09/28/2017 6:00 AM

Tempe, AZ – For the first time, the City of Tempe is inviting business owners to provide input about how well the city is doing as a setting for their success.  

About 400 businesses of various sizes will be selected at random to participate. The city’s third party vendor, ETC Institute, is conducting this survey. The business also conducts Tempe’s resident surveys.

Tempe surveys its residents every year and uses that information to allocate resources and make decisions. The business survey will provide additional feedback.  

“Tempe businesses deserve the best we can provide for them as a city,” Mayor Mark Mitchell said. “From retaining and growing your business to traffic and safety, we want to know what businesses think of Tempe as a place where they can thrive.”

Survey questions pertain to topics such as public safety, transportation, housing, landscaping, solid waste and communication.

ETC Institute will follow up with phone calls to those selected business owners who may not have returned their surveys by mail. Those businesses can choose to complete the survey by phone.

In addition, any business – even those that did not receive a survey by mail – can fill out the survey online at

ETC Institute will present the survey results to the Tempe City Council in December.

To learn more about the survey:  Contact the Office of Strategic Management and Diversity, 480 350-2905

Media: Contact Public Information Officer Kris Baxter-Ging, 480 250-5198