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Deal your family an adventure this summer with historic property playing cards

Each card features a Tempe historic property and its address

Post Date:06/05/2014 12:26 PM

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This summer, people who want to build a card house can build an historic one, sort of.

The Tempe History Museum is selling decks of playing cards featuring 54 historic Tempe buildings and landmarks, such as the Hayden Flour Mill, Valley Art Theater and ASU’s Old Main. For $10 a deck, people can play Bridge with the Mill Avenue Bridge – and other beloved Tempe places. 

The Tempe History Museum provided all the photographs for the cards. The Tempe Historic Preservation Foundation and Tempe’s Historic Preservation Office coordinated the effort to create the deck. designed, printed and packaged the cards.

Not only can people play their favorite games using this deck, the addresses of the landmarks pictured are conveniently written on the cards. People are encouraged to visit these historic places. Pull a card, do a little research, then set out for adventure leading to somewhere awesome. Families may end up at the Queen of Diamonds, otherwise known as Tempe Butte or A Mountain or at Monti's La Casa Vieja restaurant, otherwise known as CT Hayden House - the King of Diamonds.

“This could be summertime educational fun for the whole family,” Lisa Roach, president of the Tempe Historic Preservation Foundation. “Get in the car, turn on the air conditioning and explore our city’s history."

People can research each property by visiting the City of Tempe’s Historic Preservation website, where in-depth information about each landmark is available. 

Cards are available at the Tempe History Museum, 809 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, for $10 per deck. Proceeds fund preservation efforts in Tempe. 

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