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Tempe changing bulk trash and green waste collection

Post Date:06/05/2013

Beginning next month, Tempe is changing the way it collects bulk and green waste in order to increase efficiency and sustainability. The city is moving from monthly collection of uncontained (bulk) waste to six collections per year, with four collections dedicated to green waste and two collections for mixed waste (bulky items and green waste).

The majority of bulk waste Tempe residents put out for collection (70 to 80 percent) is green waste – tree trimmings, yard clippings and brush. These changes will allow the city to divert residents’ green waste from the landfill and use it to create nutrient-rich compost. This will help Tempe to save money and valuable landfill space, while increasing efficiency and helping the environment.

Green waste collection includes:
• Tree trimmings and brush (tree limbs, branches, trunks and stumps must be cut into four-foot lengths or shorter and less than 19 inches in diameter).
• Leaves, cactus and hedge clippings (must be placed in a cardboard box).
• NO oleanders, palm fronds, grass, weeds or bagged items, as they don’t compost well.

Mixed waste includes:
• Those materials that cannot be placed in residents’ black/green garbage containers or recycled in blue recycling containers.
• Furniture, non-Freon appliances, such as washers and microwaves, and other items too large to fit in the trash bin.
• Oleanders, palm fronds, bagged grass and weeds, other bagged items and green waste.

The amount of green and mixed waste allowed for each collection will be limited to approximately 10 cubic yards – or a pile about 15 feet long, 6 feet high and 3 feet deep, about the size of a standard pickup truck bed. Residents with bulk waste needs that exceed that amount will have free use of two convenient transfer station locations, on-call services starting at $31 per quarter hour, and assistance with neighborhood cleanups.

Residents are asked to plan major brush and bulk disposal projects around the city’s collection schedule. Items should be placed out for collection no earlier than the weekend immediately before designated collection week and must be placed out for collection no later than 6 a.m. on Monday of the scheduled collection week.

For more information, call 480-350-4311 or visit:

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